Industrial Hygiene

Respirator Programs & Fit Testing

All facilities that require their employees to wear respiratory protection are required under OSHA standard 29 CFR 1910.134 to have a written respiratory program. A written respiratory program must include an initial medical evaluation on each individual that is required to use a respirator, perform an initial respirator fit test and provide training on how to properly use and maintain a respirator. It is also required that fit testing, medical monitoring and respirator training be conducted annually thereafter.

TPT personnel can draft a respiratory program specific to your organization, conduct the initial fit testing and respirator use training, as well as provide annual fit testing, respirator use training and program maintenance thereafter. Annual refresher training is generally provided at your facility and includes a classroom demonstration on how to properly use and maintain respiratory equipment. Afterwards individuals are quantitatively fit tested to verify that respirators being used are still adequate. If enough personnel are present for the training, medical monitoring may also be conducted at your facility.