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All chemistry lab orders must submit either an online order or a chain of custody form. Samples received without a written order will be assessed a $25 special handling fee.

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Pellet Fuel Quality Package
(PFI standardized test requires 40 pound test sample)
Moisture, Ash, BTUs, S, Bulk Density, Pellet Dimensions,
Pellet Fines, Chlorine, Pellet Durability Index, Bag Weight
Pellet Fuel Quality Package + Ultimate + Proximate
Also includes C, H, N, O, Volatiles, Fixed Carbon, NetCal, SO2
Ultimate + Proximate Analysis
Moisture, Ash, BTUs, Volatiles, Fixed Carbon, C, H, N, S & O
Ultimate + Short Proximate Analysis
Moisture, Ash, BTUs, C, H, N, S & O
Ultimate Analysis
Moisture, Ash, C, H, N, S, and O
Proximate Analysis
Moisture, Ash, Volatiles, Fixed Carbon, BTU's, Sulfur
Short Proximate Analysis
Moisture, Ash, BTU's, Sulfur
Mineral Ash Analysis
% Oxides of Al, Ca, Fe, K, Mg, Na, P, Si, S, Ti, Ba, Sr, Mn

Individual Tests:
Ash Fusion 8 pt. (Ox., Red.) ASTM D-1857
Ash Fusion 4 pt. (Oxidizing) ASTM D-1857
Ash Fusion 4 pt. (Reducing) ASTM D-1857
Bromine ASTM D-4208
Bulk Density ASTM E-873
Carbon ASTM D-5373
Carbon, Hydrogen, & Nitrogen ASTM D-5373
Chlorine ASTM D-6721
Durability Kansas State Method
Fluorine ASTM D-3761
Mercury ASTM D-6722
Sodium Oxide in Ash ASTM D-3682
Moisture ASTM E-871
Moisture & Ash ASTM E-871/D-1102
Moisture & Sulfur ASTM E-871/D-4239
Moisture, Sulfur, & BTU's ASTM E-871/D4239/E-711
Moisture, Volatiles, & Fixed Carbon ASTM E-871/E-872
Pellet Dimensions
Sieve analysis (fines 1/8" screen) ASTM E-828
    Each additional sieve
Water Soluble Sodium ASTM E-776
Special Instructions:

Please note: the Pellet Fuel Quality Package requires at least a 20 lb sample. For all other tests, send your sample in a sealed gallon bag. All samples should be sent in a sealed corrugated box.

All samples should be sent to:
Twin Ports Testing Inc.
1301 N 3rd St.
Superior, WI 54880

Need boxes, click here to order.
     •For 40 lb pellet bags, we recommend the 12x12x15 (item #S-4523)
     •For shipping sample(s) in gallon bags, we recommend the 10x10x6,
      (item #S-4107)

There will be a $25 handling fee for all samples over 50 pounds or 5 gallons, for special preparation with waste, sludges, metals, and for samples with no contact information or chain of custody.

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