Industrial Hygiene

Employee Exposure Monitoring

Due to the numerous hazards in today’s workplace, employees are often exposed to hazardous chemicals, vapors, aerosols, dusts, excessive noise, etc. Employee exposure monitoring is conducted to assess whether an unnecessary risk of exposure to hazardous conditions is present. Employee exposure monitoring generally involves a walk through site inspection and interviews with on-site employees followed by real-time measurement of chemical and physical agents using direct-reading instruments as well as full-shift or task-specific personal exposure sampling.

Sampling for chemical vapors, welding fumes, silica, nuisance dust, noise levels, and many other potential hazards in the workplace can be compared to OSHA, ACGIH, or NIOSH standards to verify that the presence of hazardous materials are kept within safe levels. If excessive levels of hazards materials are found to be present Twin Ports Testing can help identify engineering controls, which can reduce exposure, or identify appropriate personal protective equipment if exposure to excessive levels cannot be prevented.