Industrial Hygiene

Mold Investigations & Remediation Planning

Mold is quickly becoming one of the biggest indoor health concerns. Exposure to molds in the indoor environment can lead to numerous health concerns ranging from common allergies and asthma to pathogenic infections and exposure to toxins. Many mold problems are easily remedied, however, some mold problems become very complex, such as in cases where musty odors are detected but a source of mold cannot be identified, when health problems are present or if the mold problem is contained within the HVAC system. Mold investigations typically involve verifying the presence of visible molds, assessing the potential for hidden molds to be present, evaluating the underlying moisture problem and providing recommendations for cleanup options. In some situations, remediation protocols may need to be developed to protect individuals conducting cleaning operations as well as to prevent the spread of mold spores to unaffected areas of the building.

TPT mold investigators are trained in conducting mold and moisture assessments. They can provide recommendations for mold cleanup options and may be utilized in overseeing cleanup operations to verify the proper use of containment and personal protective equipment as well as to verify that molds are adequately removed.