Industrial Hygiene

Asbestos Bulk & Air Sampling & Analysis

Buildings that are scheduled for repair, renovation or demolition are required by state regulation to be inspected for asbestos containing materials before the work is conducted. Materials that commonly contain asbestos include floor and ceiling tile, mastic, plaster, linoleum, pipe insulation, vermiculite insulation and many other materials. If you suspect a material of containing asbestos, it is generally best not to disturb it until after it has been tested. Asbestos surveys must be conducted by a state-certified inspector, which TPT maintains on staff.

Certified asbestos inspectors conducting building surveys or anyone else needing bulk samples analyzed for the presence of asbestos, may submit samples to TPT for analysis. Sample analysis results are often available within two days.

Whether accompanying renovations, demolition or repair, asbestos abatement activities must comply with EPA, OSHA, state and local regulations, and must be performed in a manner that protects building occupants and workers from excessive exposure to asbestos fibers. TPT routinely provides services including: third-party oversight to help clients comply with regulations, develops asbestos abatement project specifications, assists in the preparation of bid packages for abatement contractors and performs air monitoring and analysis during abatement. TPT employs personnel who are certified as asbestos site supervisors and who are also certified by the American Industrial Hygiene Association to analyze air samples for asbestos.

The presence of asbestos in a building and the resulting potential for occupant exposure does not necessarily mean removal. TPT can help building owners and managers defer the high costs of asbestos removal by developing and implementing operations and maintenance programs. Operations and maintenance programs control exposure potential by preventing the disturbance of asbestos-containing materials.