Fuels Analysis

Wood Pellets

TPT has been involved in the wood pellet industry since the early 1980’s. The National Resource Research Institute (NRRI), located in Duluth MN, developed much of the technology needed to initiate the pelletized fuel industry. Because of TPT’s close proximity, NRRI relied on TPT’s fuel analysis lab during this development.

As an active member of the Pellet Fuel Institute (PFI), TPT has been involved in developing the North American Standards for Pelletized/Densified Commercial and Residential Fuel as well as QA/QC procedures. As part of this process, TPT has spearheaded numerous research studies along with identifying appropriate testing methods, validating testing equipment and evaluating variability of test method data.

TPT has also gotten involved in the international pellet industry as well.  Our laboratory has ben ISO 17025:2005 certified for both EN and ASTM standards for wood pellet testing.  We have also beem accredited by the European Pellet Council to perform required testing for the ENplus pellet certification program.

TPT goes well beyond the reporting of analysis results. We have a solid understanding of how pellet mills work, and how your analysis values may affect the proper functioning of a pellet burning appliance.

Whether you are looking for routine pellet testing, or a comprehensive quality program, TPT is your resource.