Fuels Analysis

Biomass Fuels Analysis

Since the early 1980’s, TPT has served the renewable energy industry by testing various forms of biomass. We have extensive experience evaluating various forms of biomass for both chemical and physical properties which contribute to their potential for making a viable fuel. We are also an active member of the Biomass Thermal Energy Council.

Some of the products TPT has analyzed include peanut and pistachio shells, rice hulls, coffee beans chaff, cherry pits, corn, corn stover, soy bean hulls, tannins, dried distillers grains, straw, wheat, oats, sugar beet pulp, and various types of wood and agricultural wastes. Examples of our testing services include:

  • Determining fuel values for raw feedstock materials
  • Assessing chemical and physical properties of densified biomass products (pellets, briquettes, logs)
  • Analyzing engineered fuels